Your Doctor January 2019

In this issue Smelling sickness Managing moods and mental health What you didn’t know about beetroot Myth busters Fending off ear infections Word search Doctor information HealthSense – More about our practice Download Newsletter

Your Doctor December 2018

In this issue Shedding the light on shingles Clever crossword Vaccination before vacation Vitamin berry bonanza Asthma Berry chocolate nut smoothie Health facts Summer and your skin Mens health checks Download Newsletter

Your Doctor November 2018

In this issue: I can’t hear you – Deafness Asparagus Pasta primavera Minding your metabolism Fight off food poisoning Hearing tests Word search Making better health choices Download Newsletter

Your Doctor October 2018

In this issue: Salt revolution Clever crossword Your doctor Hypertension Salmon with roasted tomatoes Tomatoes and your health Coping with grief 10 food facts Download Newsletter

Your Doctor September 2018

In this issue: Water – Dehydration tips Protecting your vision Vege balls in masala sauce A best friend with health benefits Word search Dystonia awareness week Safe travel trips Asthma and hay fever Download Newsletter

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