Your Doctor September 2019

In this issue Battling bad breath A fashionable future for family planning Turmeric: the spice of life Going vegetarian: what you need to know Warming, Spicy Lentil & Sweet Potato Dhal What type of headache do I have? Healing your haemorrhoids Download Newsletter

Your Doctor August 2019

In this issue Are you tired of sleep problems? Can an orange a day keep the doctor away? Lemon and ricotta dip recipe What do you know about acnes? The benefits of being flexible Hair today, gone tomorrow Download Newsletter

Your Doctor July 2019

In this issue Should we teach happiness in school? Taking care of earwax Garlic Mushroomsand Ricotta on Toast Recipe Don’t be in the dark about mushrooms The Australian Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool Stevia: the sweet alternative ‘Tis the season for Raynaud’s Download Newsletter

Your Doctor June 2019

In this issue Socialising makes sense Is Pilates for you? The fibre fight Cauliflower ‘rice’ recipe Broccoli’s underrated cousin Weight loss with mindful meals Doctors at Gosnells Download Newsletter

Your Doctor May 2019

In this issue Keep calm and control cholesterol Identifying an illness: Do I have a cold, flu, or an allergy? One for the fruit bowl 10k steps a day – is it necessary? The online chemist: Is it safe? The unsuspecting syphilis Doctors at Gosnells Download Newsletter

Your Doctor April 2019

In this issue A healthy diet, according to science The 30-foot road to digestive health Kids, eat your broccoli A talk before you walk Avoiding the speedy sneeze Get control of your anxiety Doctors Download Newsletter

Your Doctor March 2019

In this issue Taking back control of chronic pain Healthy autumn eating tips The truth about tonsils One hundred trillion inhabitants Health Recipe Ideas HealthSense – More about our practice Download Newsletter

Your Doctor February 2019

In this issue Be wise and immunise About bananas Early detection – Digestion March through menopause Clever crossword Kegel exercises – Pelvic floor exercises One of Australia’s biggest killers HealthSense – More about our practice Download Newsletter

Your Doctor January 2019

In this issue Smelling sickness Managing moods and mental health What you didn’t know about beetroot Myth busters Fending off ear infections Word search Doctor information HealthSense – More about our practice Download Newsletter

Your Doctor December 2018

In this issue Shedding the light on shingles Clever crossword Vaccination before vacation Vitamin berry bonanza Asthma Berry chocolate nut smoothie Health facts Summer and your skin Mens health checks Download Newsletter

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